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While I was in college, a very beautiful young lady called me a “domesticated ” kid. She meant that I was very disciplined, proper and straightforward. ( God bless her, she’s an aspiring actress now ) But I interpreted it to mean that I was very dull, timid and uninteresting. From then on began my unending battle to be cool, “with-it” and hip. And in today’s age, it seems to mean that you absolutely have to have a girlfriend. Let me tell you, its scary for a guy who’s never taken the initiative to talk to girls to start doing exactly that one fine morning. I envy guys who can easily start conversations with unknown girls and actually befriend them in a matter of minutes.

In fact, I am going to take this opportunity to ask you girls out there a very important question….Exactly what is it that makes you warm up to a particular guy while giving the cold shoulder to poor souls like me ? Feel free to answer uninhibitedly to this query through your comments to this post. All your answers will be kept strictly confidential. And it is not as if all the guys girls fall for are epitomes of honesty, integrity and health consciousness. I’ve seen too many drunkards with drug issues roaming around with very beautiful and intelligent girls to fall for that lie.

And so, while guys with an unknown and indecipherable talent walk away with all the single girls, we poor bastards are left sitting with those girls who are busy chatting to their boy friends on their cell phones. All that we are expected to do is to provide comic relief during the intervals when they are not on their phones. Give me a break….!!! Aren’t girls supposed to warm up to guys who talk well and are good listeners? But here we are, talking well enough to make them laugh and laugh, but the only thing we are left listening to are their chatter with their boy friends….. No wonder most of our brethren can’t seem to cross bridges without jumping off them.

Here’s hoping for enlightenment from the fairer sex….

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  1. Saramillada…..Girls flirt with the dangerous guy. They dont take him home forever.. They marry the good guy.. [:P]

  2. Good guys finish last, huh… now that sounds like a classic filmi ending where everything works out in the end…
    Strange that the guys with the girls are being generalised here as the ‘bad’ guys and the guys without as the ‘good’… is this why all the popular sages and saints turn out to be bachelors?

  3. Well….they say Patience is virtue, chastity and what else. {I cant believe i am continuing this crap [:D]}…

    I just meant u dont have to force urself into it.

    And to the other gentleman. I didnt use the term ‘Bad’. I just said dangerous. At times the so called good guys turn out to be more dangerous than the bad ones [:P].

    Of course we cant generalise human behaviour .each one has a unique chara.. nionne onnu samadanippikkamennu vicharichatha..abathamaayo [:D] ?

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