Well, me laddies, its been an eventful week till today. I resigned from my company day before yesterday, and came back home. Put bluntly like that, it sounds quite ominous, doesn’t it? What with the recession decimating India’s working population and all….

But, lemme tell you, everything’s looking quite hunky dory. Yours truly has received an admission from IIM Bangalore to pursue their prestigious PG programme in management and is gonna pack his bags and set off for Bangalore next month. Its a dream come true….. On the national level, Congress led UPA swept the elections and are gonna form the government.Hopefully, this time around they have enough majority to be dictating the terms to their allies. This puts back a stable government in power and most of the population, including yours truly, are breathing easily and sleeping a lot better at night because of it. This means that Manmohan Singh doesn’t have to keep looking back over his shoulder each time he thinks the word “reform”. So most probably, in two years time, when yours truly hopes to enter the corporate world, the economy will have stabilised ( the sensex crossed 14000 today, I’d say its a nice start)

Prakash Karat, that pseudo intellectual egomaniac, got his come uppance with the communist party being thrashed mightily in WB. Down here in Kerala, the legendary movie line “Pavanayi Savamayi” has been re-phrased to ” Pinarayi Savamayi”…. all good news. Im no big Congress supporter, believing as I do that all parties have an equal share of nincompoops and self serving politicos amongst their lot. But at the end of the day, a stable government is the only way to improve conditions.

On a more emotional note, I received very warm and touching farewell parties from my friends… I’m not gonna share the details, except to state that there was a lot of fun, back slapping and drinking involved. It was an amazing time.

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  1. That saying is used in a situation when everything goes wrong…sooo this is quite the opposite for you (and India)… everything’s going right.

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