Life@ IIMB Part 1

Feels like its been aeons since I posted. During these 4 months, several things happened. I joined IIM Bangalore, and suddenly fell victim to a debilitating case of disorientation. It has taken me several weeks to recuperate, and even now I still haven’t shaken off all the cobwebs. So, ye reader, who rode off to greener pastures in search of food for thought, know well that I have returned. This time, with juicy stuff. Now I know that there are lots of blogs out there that speak of life@IIM’s, but I promise to make mine as different as possible. So, here starts a new series, a new section of my life. Over the next several posts, I shall attempt to debunk a few myths, reinforce a few facts, and generally crib about life.

First off, anything and everything you may have heard of the “Hell Week” is true. Only, there are two of those. Any facchha (slang for first year guy) or facchhi (slang for first year girl) who enters IIMB will be subjected to a gruelling first week of endless submissions, resume mentorship, sleepless nights, and general mental anguish. It is part of a carefully designed process to systematically break down your defences and acclimatize you to a more rigorous life on campus. PGP 2’s ( the second years ) play a huge role in this. I shall not go into the details, cause the sadistic part in me wants to keep the fun alive. He He…. (evil grin)

The second, and if you ask me, the actual “Hell Week” on campus is during the summer placements, which I shall mention at a later date.

Coming back to the first week, it’s not all horrible. There are parts of it which are quite enjoyable. For instance, there was a visit to a local school which specialised in teaching visually challenged children. The amount of courage and grit those kids show in their lives is really something else.

Then there was the visit to a local center of Breakthrough. Its an amazing programme, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day we spent there. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was the most fun day of the week. Check out their website…

PS: On the morning of the day the orientation week was to end, one of my friends came to visit me on campus at half past six. I had gone to sleep about an hour earlier, and I was in an extremely groggy state when he woke me up. Although I have no recollection of the event, he swears to this day that I sat him down and explained the concept of Porter’s Five Forces ( to him. Then I promptly went back to sleep again.

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  1. Welcome back. Hey, what about a few pics of these events to spice it up? And p.s. on the p.s. : I thought I had the best of the 'sleep' stories, but this?! I throw in the towel…

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