Arbit post from class

I’m writing this blog from class. Heights of deprivation, I say. But what can be done? Our Managerial Communication (fondly called ManCom)prof has asked us all to be present in class while the end term presentations are going on. Having just put in a half hearted pitch for a good old Business Card Reader, I’m having fun watching a few of my friends try desperately to sell a 24 hour on campus Burger & Fries joint. The pitch is hilarious, egging me on to do something fun myself. Which reminds me, Life @ IIMB Part 2 is due to be written. I guess I’ll do that over the holidays.

Right now, the dreaded endterm submissions and exams are looming close. I’m as usual mugging at the last minute, trying desperately to stay ahead of the gargantuan work load. I have picked up a new nickname on campus, “Cheetah”. The circumstances under which I picked it up are quite deplorable, and a few of my closer friends here in CulCom have helpfully ensured that there is no facchha or PGP2 on campus who doesn’t know about it. Petty jealousy…. Chii….

Signing off for now. And for those who are waiting with bated breath for Life @ IIMB Part 2, it will contain juicy details of two major attractions on campus, birthday celebrations and L^2 parties.

NB: Takeaway from above post: You too can blog from class.