Vasantha Priya’s email – Singapore Namma ooru maadhiri varadhu dii

Vasantha Priya
Sent: Sun 08/19/2012 3:45 PM
To: Bhuvana Parthasarathy

Hi daa,

Landed at Singapore airport last week, and I am still trying to get my bearings here. This place is like, sooo huge!! I know when we looked at the map back in your room it didn’t seem so big, but actually this place is a maze of roads. It is not at all like Chennai. The pizza delivery guys here drive Pulsars! It reminded me of how thrilled Balasubramanian was when he bought his Pulsar. And don’t say you don’t know, because I still remember you itching to get a ride on it with him (hee hee!)

Singapore is a strange place daa. Little India –nnoru place irukku, namma ooru maadhiri than. All Madurai and Chennai people only. And the Chennai girls here are as obnoxious as the ones back home. The guys are cuter, but strangely, everyone has these hideous haircuts, like an overgrown kudummai* They think it makes them look cooler, but it’s hideous.

You know, Singapore is in some ways sooo much more advanced than Chennai. You can wear shorts here any time of day or night, and no one gives a damn. Remember how those boys used to hoot at us when we wore shorts to the Inox? Here half the girls are almost naked all the time and no one comments.  You can go out at 2:00 am at night to the nearest 7-11 and buy a bottle of juice. No hooligans, and certainly no late night vettaikkarans.*

You can also catch cabs at any time of day or night. And the driver uncles are so polite and well behaved that you wouldn’t believe. Do you remember those stupid auto drivers in Chennai who used to adjust their rear view mirror to watch us as soon as we got in? Well, there is none of that here. Strange, I miss Chennai now.

Discos are a rage here. I met a cute guy at office. Vasantharaman from Mylapore. He took us out to a few discos and pubs here. I must tell you, they are very ‘color’ful places JI tried all the dance steps we learned for our college shows, and I think Vasu (yes, that’s what I call himJ) was impressed. He certainly told me he was impressed. Very unassuming boy. But I didn’t mean to tell you about Vasu. What I wanted to tell you was that the discos here are sooo much better than the ones back home. In Chennai half the time you have to be wary of the drunken 100 year old guy dancing next to you, hoping to cup a feel, and then you have to worry about some random political party goons coming in to beat you up or marry you off to that 100 year old guy. But none of that here. As a rule Singapore discos are very hep and clean places. There is a joint called Rupee Room here, and that is the only place where 100 year old Indian guys will try to grab any part of you they can get at.

The cell phone service here is absolutely amazing. It never fails daa. 3G services are so cool here, you wouldn’t believe. For the first time in my life, my Google Map actually worked. Remember when we used Airtel GPS back home, and it told us we were in Chennai, Ludhiana and Usilampatti all at the same time? Here they even show you moving on the map as a dot. Stud only.

But for all that, I miss Chennai daa. At the end of the day, namma ooru maadhiri varadhu dii* LIn fact, the last weekend I felt homesick so badly that I went to Rupee Room. A few boys immediately spoke to me in Tamil and showed me their kudummais. Even the 100 year old guy seemed so sweet. It was his birthday, apparently. We all had a nice time, and I felt really hep. 

Will mail you more, lotsa love,

Kudummai: Ponytail. Religious mandate among residents of Madurai
Namma ooru maadhiri varadhu dii : There is no place like Chennai
Vettaikkarans: [noun] : Molesters

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