On Rumours, Nairs and Singapore

Regular readers of The Domesticated Kid have been mystified, saddened and enraged (in that order) by the absence of those weekly posts that used to bring a happy smile to their tired working class faces regularly till about 6 months ago.  “What happened to that guy”? They asked themselves. “Ran out of ideas” scoffed some. “But he was such a nice looking young man”, sighed Girija Aunty. “Yeah, yeah, probably burned out. We all know these IIM types”, sneered her son.
Some people (very nice Nair types from Kollam) even mailed me asking if I needed anything, maybe some inspiration? The mails inevitably contained links to popular blogs, perhaps to be used as ‘inspiration’. Little did they know that I have been ripping off those blogs for years now.
Then there were the stories of my marriage to a very beautiful Nair from Kochi. These stories were equally strengthened and discredited by the sudden appearance of multiple “couple shots” of yours truly with the said girl on Facebook.  While there were some charitable folks who thought that it was a distinct possibility that I could have been “domesticated” finally, there were others who laughed at the notion. “Look at the photos”, they said. “She is definitely a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. He would score a 4 on the best of days with dim lighting and a good photographer. She can’t possibly have been that foolish”
Today, I would like to dispel these rumours. In chronological order.
Fear no. 1 – “He ran out of ideas”
Short answer, “No”. Long answer, “Nope”. Correct answer “Orikkalum Illa”. So long as funny things happen in the professional world and so long as they are covered by the likes of Sidin Vadukut and Krish Ashok, I’ll never run out of ideas.
Fear no. 2 – “He probably burned out”
Here Girija Aunty’s son made the all too sad but understandable mistake of stereotyping IIM graduates as Type A go-getters (except of course, IIM Calcutta alumni, who have steered clear of such blames). Such complaints have often been leveled against us, but ever since Phaneesh Murthy went and got his, we tend to take things a bit easier.
Fear no. 3 – “He must have been domesticated” & “Nah, she can’t have been that foolish”
He wasn’t. And she was. As I write this, she is sitting beside me, keeping a close censorial eye on the text. I have to clean the house for the next 3 weeks to earn my right to declare that I haven’t been domesticated, but what the heck? You only eat your “kalyana sadya” once. But she has been fooled forever. Hah.
The Real Reason
I have been using the past 6 months to conduct a rigorous historical study of Nairs in Singapore. It is a very controversial subject that was shunned by academicians primarily due to the reason that Nairs have been generally everywhere since recorded history began, all at the same time and often in more than one place at the same time. 
One Nair who was often seen in more than one place at the same time
As you can imagine, this considerably complicates any attempt to study their history. Nevertheless, with my characteristic attention to detail and charming wit, I hope to demystify the rather interesting history of Nairs in Singapore. Over a series of blog posts, I shall try to establish how Nairs were the original inhabitants of this great island nation, even before Sir Stamford Raffles came calling. More on that later.


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  1. Deepu saare
    admirable that you are up for the task of being domesticated yet undomesticated at the same point.And nice to c a blog written on the nair community. Wasn't aware that u are a blogger too nice to knw though. and trust me in the long run you will know she was not fooled, it was all part of the big picture.;)

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