I had always promised myself that I would start writing a blog one day; but was always afraid to begin one. I was afraid that once I threw my hat over the fence, I wouldn’t have the conviction or discipline to post regularly. So I kept postponing it, telling myself, ” One day…..”

Well, today, I had a near death experience. No kidding…. I very nearly kicked the bucket. I and my friend were riding a Thunderbird 350cc on the inner ring road at Bangalore, at about 5:30 pm today evening. It had started raining as we set off from his office, and by the time we reached the spot, it was pouring heavily. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there came a gust of wind that pushed the whole damn bike, carrying both of us, about one meter to our left, perilously close to the edge of the bridge we were traveling on. If you didn’t get the picture straight, here’s the important part, the crux, so to speak; the wind was strong enough to push a 350cc Royal Enfield Thunderbird, weighing all of 175 kilos, carrying an additional weight of around 145 kilos ( our combined weights ) one whole meter to the left. Its a miracle we didn’t fall. Had we fallen, there would’ve been nothing to prevent us being crushed by any vehicles coming from behind, what with the visibility being close to 2 meters.

This experience, shook me up, and got me thinking. There are many things in life I wish I had done, and a lot more that I wish I hadn’t. Nothing can be done to change the past, but at least I can make an attempt at the future. This blog is such an attempt.

I try my hand at writing at times, and the results have been sporadic attempts at creative writing that’ve been received somewhat enthusiastically by a lot of people. I propose to publish those works in a consolidated form here, and vow to myself to continue writing, heedless of the atrocities I am gonna commit upon my fellow Homosapiens by doing so.

PS. A few words about the title. I bounced off my ideas for a suitable title among a few of my friends, and this one emerged a clear winner. It reflects a quirky idea that most of the important things in my life have happened due to a lot of luck and faith, and have nothing to do with the talents I possess or the hard work I’ve put in ( sounds weird, but its true. All those moral science books I read in school were entirely wrong, he he)

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  1. And so the blog begins… though it is kinda cliched that it should begin with a near death experience. 😀 Oh well, whatever gets you going…

    And your CBZ seems to have a psychic connection with you cuz at almost the same time, the accelerator cable broke all the way here in Pune…
    Think again before giving back the bike 😀

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