For the past two days, I’ve been in a world of my own. I was roaming around Bangalore with two old friends of mine. “Friends”, is too cold a term sometimes to describe people with whom you have shared everything, people who know all your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I know this might sound cliched, but its true. Nevertheless, for lack of a better word, I shall call them friends…..

Both are people I met during a turbulent phase of my life when everything was changing for me, when nothing seemed to be going right. These two grounded me, supported me through a lot of problems,and gave me timely advise. The best part is, neither one of them is perfect. They both have their flaws. This makes it easier for me to accept them as friends, since I know that they are just as much human and fallible as I am. Admit it, we all hate “perfect” people; people who seem to have everything going for them, people who seemingly can do no wrong.

Anyway, I just had the most amazing two days of my life. I opened up to them in ways I had not done before, and they reciprocated. We discussed the most mundane things in life, as well as the most important, life changing stuff. It really made us feel like adults ( all of us are merely 23 yrs old) to talk about things like marriage( one of the two is happily married), changing jobs, love life etc. It wasn’t all serious discussions, either.In one moment of carefree abandonment, we traveled down the old Airport road in a Santro at 10 in the night, with the stereo on at full blast and all 3 of us woefully trying to keep pace with the songs…….

But that’s enough of my weekend fun.Its half past one on Monday morning, and I’m staying up in my friend’s house, where I’m crashing for the night. I wondered today where I would be without these friends of mine. Nowhere good, that’s for sure. They’ve bailed me out of trouble often enough. My opinion is that by the age of 25, if you haven’t made at least two friends whom you can call up at 4:00 am in the morning just to talk, you seriously need to re prioritize your life. It isn’t always about how strong and independent you are, but how vulnerable and dependent you are willing to be with another human being. You don’t always have to be the guy who solves all problems and councels others, sometimes it is better to approach your friends with your problems. If nothing else, it will give them the pleasure that you considered them close enough to share your troubles with them. And believe me, it works both ways.

Before I sign off for today to play NFS Undercover on my friend’s PS2, a quick word about his wife. It was a blessed love marriage, and I can see the love in their lives ( touch wood) quite plainly. I never had much opportunity to gel with her, but today i got one. I’ve to admit we got along really well. It often takes a lot of time for me to open up to others, but with her it was easy enough. She’s sophisticated and yet down to earth in a funny, endearing manner that makes it hard not to like her. Here’s cheers to their happy married life 🙂

PS. I haven’t forgotten about publishing my works. I would have done it tonight, but the only problem is that they are in my external HDD, which is not presently with me. I’ll do it soon enough.

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  1. Like wise bro.2 wonderful days of my life if not ‘the most wonderful ones’.I have been thinking over about it. We love to have fun along with people and if we can manage that with close ones then it feels like heaven. But it isnt just about the ‘lots of fun’ bit.It is about relaxing urself. Trust me i cant even remember when was the last time i felt relaxed so much. Thanks to u gentlemen and the lady,of course. I just know that she is the best that would have happened to him. Kudos to their life together. Guess that is enough emotions for the day 😀 Cheers to our friendship 🙂

  2. Bros, let the emotion part stay right there. Mr.Nair, how in the SAM HELL did you forget to mention about the dextirity of the CHAUFFER (or TRANSPORTER as I would like to put it) when you wrote that line about the drive along the old airport road? Now aint that a valid enough question for ya?

  3. @Vinod, sorry macha, the transporter was absolutely amazing as always!!!

    @World in general, the transporter in question is none other than Vinod himself, known widely all over Kerala and now Karnataka for his skills behind the wheel and handlebar…..He is Messi and Karthikeyan rolled into one….

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