Well, its been some time since I posted last, and the major reason was that I was waiting for answers to the question I asked in my last post. For those few of you who had been waiting with bated breath, here’s the lowdown. While one person asserted that its all individual perception and what might be soup to one might as well be hemlock to the other, the majority stated categorically that girls do indeed prefer the so called “bad” boys. ( Disclaimer: All interviewed persons were girls. Names are being withheld for privacy. Yours truly is not responsible for any hasty or immature decisions my dear readers might take based upon the results of this survey)

So, good guys, don’t lose hope. 5 years down the line, when these girls are tired of going out with “bad” guys, you will be laughing all the way to the mandap. Or else, you can go in for a complete personality transformation, and emerge as night owls with personality disorders and drinking issues to start scoring immediately. Don’t blame me later if your livers fail on the eve of your marriage.

And what about yours truly??? Well, I have decided that I am not going to change my nature for any girl, and I’m gonna remain true to myself. This pretty much destroys any chance of my being able to get a GF. Well, so be it. I never could drink too much anyway.

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  1. Like you said, all generalisations are wrong, including this one. Nice guys don’t get girls because they are afraid/shy/not confident to ask out a girl. Nice guys who don’t have this problem get girls without much trouble.

  2. Chill maar dude – tu bangalore ja ab… wahan girls are different remember? u said that…thoda woh bhi manage kar lena ab.. 😉

    oh and by the way

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