2 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why I will choose a paper book over a Kindle any day

  1. Completely agree with your argument that the Kindle isn't going to save trees from being cut down. However, your arguments are probably more accurate about using tablets for reading. Kindle actually reads just like paper (minus the smell of gum and paper), with the associated disadvantage of not being readable without ambient light. Also, the battery life typically lasts many weeks with active reading. And I find it extremely useful while traveling, when I often want to switch from books to long-format essays to magazines, but don't have enough baggage space to fit everything in.

    PS: Awesome posts! I still follow your blog and thoroughly enjoy reading yours, although I don't post or comment nowadays.

  2. Hey Philip, long time no see ! Glad to see you read my sporadic attempts. As far as Kindle goes lemme clarify at the outset that it's essentially a personal choice. I take offense only when the concept of “environment” is used to hold paper books hostage to the Kindle. Aside from the fact that you cannot make a rational comparison between paper books and a Kindle without considering the proper cost of ownership, all the rest are my personal biases.

    I agree that the battery life will last longer than 10 hrs typically (unless you have a defective piece) but it does not guarantee that the juice will not run out mid flight (or in a train or a bus) if you don't keep track of the battery status. Also, I believe the soon to be launched models of Kindle will have back light.

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